HEY About de Wet Computers
We are a small business in Richmond Virginia. Our goals are to reach out to other small businesses and help them to realize and create the ideal custom software that can best help them.
Mission Statement
Our mission is help local business's.
The idea that only large corporations can afford custom software tailored to their needs is a myth. In fact by designing ideal solutions to meet specific user needs many unnecessary costs can be removed. Our solutions and work can be adjusted to fit your budget, time and needs.
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Computer Help

From Software Solutions to Wonderful Web Design
we  are your solution!

Simple Software Solutions

Simplify Your life with
de Wet Computers

Refresh and Update your Old Website

Give your Business a Brand New Look!

With a Custom Created Website

Corporate. Creative. Small Business. Personal Business.

Simplify your business with Computer Help from de Wet Computers

Software/Web Design

Easy-to-customize and simple to use

Traditionally software and websites are built and cannot be changed or upgraded after completion, Not anymore we can easily add to your custom website or software creation.

  • Custom Layouts
  • Exclusive Functionality
  • Multiple Location Options
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Fiendly
  • Clean Code & Easy to Use
  • Online Access for CPA
  • Custom PDF Creation
  • Intelligent Structure
  • Customer Association/Grouping

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Advantages Of choosing de Wet Computers and what we offer!


With your input we can design the ideal tools you need for your business. You never need to adjust your needs to fit into a one size fits all solution again.

Easy Access

Installation for software is unnecessary with our custom online solutions, we can easily edit, update, and make any changes that you may need.


With our flat rate hourly pricing you never need to wonder what the end cost of your solution will be.

Humane Support

Personal interaction with all of our clients is something we are proud of. We are happy to spend the time, energy, and effort finding the right solutions for each and every client we have.

We support our clients.

technical help

Tired of calling tech support, waiting for Akbar to answer, and listening to that terrible music? We will happily designate a specific head tech for you and your business.

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Leave the hardware to us.

hardware help

Updating hardware can be a strenuous process without the right help. Some good advice and simple maintenance can keep everything running smoothly.

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Domain Maintenance

domain maintenance

Dont know how to code? No problem we can handle all of your updates for you. We maintain and manage monthly updates and changes. Leave the fine tuning to us and we will make you look great!

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Appraisal Consultations
are always free

see what you might be missing out on!

Fast and Compatible

With a simple internet connection your software is universally accessible and compatible with almost any device.

Tag Printing

You can easily customize labels or tags for your business within our PDF's.

Device Designed

With HTML5 we can design your software so that you can go to your customers and conduct transactions on your tablet or smartphone.

Well Structured Code

Our quality product is designed with the latest languages and designed to last.

Our Services Some of our impressive services are...

Web Design

Web Design

That will captivate and attract the customers you need.

Software Engineering

Software Development

We work with our clients personally and their employee's to design the most efficient system for them.

Employee Training


We offer inclusive training to help our clients transition into using their new software and websites.

Printer Help

Daily Hardware Help

If you even just need help getting your computer to run the way you need it to we can help.

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There are many options and solutions for every business's specific needs. Schedule a meeting today and we can begin to assess what the best path for your business is.

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